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Flowers Montclair & Upper Montclair NJ Flowers by The Hybrids Floral Design
Vase Arrangements

Specific floral selections may vary. Please note: during Holidays, prices may be slightly higher. Delivery and Sales tax additional.

From soft,  pastel colors to rich, vibrant jewel tones, there is a color palette sure to please everyone. This 7" ginger jar in white, lavender and pink begins at $60.00.
As pictured- $85.00

    Lush and compact,  available in any color selection
6" bubble bowl   from $50.00 as pictured $75.00.                                         

9" Clear Glass Neo-classic Vase of
Spring flowers.  $150.00 as pictured.

This 6" Ivy Bowl with spring flowers and
sweetheart roses as pictured $75.00.


Full and romantic, soft colors and beautiful English garden flowers, 8" glass rose bowls can range from $85.00 to $150.00. As pictured left:  $100.00, right: $150.00

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