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  Flowers Montclair & Upper Montclair Flowers by The Hybrids Floral Design                              

How do I  order?
The Hybrids Floral Design will only accept orders via telephone. See "How to order".
How much is a basic arrangement?
In Montclair and Upper Montclair we recommend $50.00 as a minimum for a mixed arrangement. There is an additional delivery fee of $8.50 to $15.00 depending upon destination, plus 7% local Sales Tax.
During Holiday/peak seasons, we do suggest $60.00 as a minimum.
Our average sized arrangement is in the $60 to $85 range. Our arrangements are typically smaller than that of your average flower shop, as our focus is on quality and more unique flowers. Our arrangements are not filled with fern and baby's breath!
Delivery is also available to the following towns Cedar Grove, Glen Ridge, Verona, The Oranges, The Caldwells, Little Falls, Totowa, Wayne, Bloomfield and Belleville. Delivery fees and minimums to these areas vary, so please ask. Same day service is usually possible if order is placed prior to noon. During peak holidays, 24 hours notice may be required.
On occasion we do deliver to areas not mentioned above, again this is not always possible, please check.

How early should I place my order before my party or Holiday?
We recommend at least one week if you are looking for something specific or multiple arrangements. Larger parties and weddings can be booked one year in advance. Otherwise you may be able to order a day or two ahead, sometimes even the same day. We do usually have a cutoff period on major Holidays, so order early! Regardless of how early you order rest assured your arrangement is always made fresh.

How long will my flowers last?
This depends on the types of flowers as well as what they have been arranged in. Most of the flowers we use are not considered "long-lasting", but, some do last up to a week or more. Generally, flowers that are done in a vase will out-live those done in a basket or low centerpiece. Keeping an adequate water supply for your flowers is most important. Keep fresh flowers away from any source of heat (radiator, television, sunny window), this will greatly increase flower longevity.
Always start with a clean container. All containers should be cleaned using household bleach and rinsed thoroughly prior to use.

Should I change the water?
If the water becomes very cloudy after several days, you can change the water. You will not necessarily need to add floral preservative to the fresh water. From the time they are cut, our fresh flowers have been treated. If you have preservative, use it. If you do not have any floral preservative, you can put a small amount of granulated sugar or a drop of bleach in the water;  or nothing at all.

I received a box of long stemmed roses two days ago. They are wilting. What's wrong with them? I cut them and put them in water as soon as they arrived.
The most common mistake that is made with roses is that they are cut with clippers or even worse, scissors. The other misconception is that they should go in cold water to make them last longer. Both methods kill roses.
The best way to treat roses is fill a  vase with tepid water, like a nice warm bath. Next add the floral preservative and stir. Now, take a sharp, non-serrated knife and make a nice smooth angular cut. This is best done while holding the stem in the air. Cutting your roses with a knife, but crushing it on a cutting board will also result in dead roses. There are capillaries inside the rose stem which when crushed (even slightly) inhibits the water to travel through the stem. Once the cut has been made, immediately place the stem into the vase and continue in the same fashion for the remainder of the roses. It is not as imperative to cut roses underwater as it is for them to be cut properly.
The warm water forces the rose to "blow" out any air which has become trapped inside of it's stem. This pocket of air is what causes the head of the flower to fall over.
Most flowers that do not have wooded stems should be cut with a knife.

What about "On-line" flower services? They claim their flowers are fresh from the grower.
Many of these services deliver by UPS or FedEx, in cold months, your delivery will be left at your doorstep and will most likely be frozen; or wilted in the heat of summer. If they are simply calling another florist in another state that does not belong to their parent company, that shop does not purchase their inventory from the same suppliers. In reality, all flowers arrive from the grower. The grower will not put them into a bouquet or arrangement however. Growers simply sell bulk packages of flowers. You cannot get a bouquet of  3 yellow gerbera daisys, 2 white freesia and 2 iris from the grower, only a floral shop can do that. Growers ship boxes of multiple bunches of a single type of flower per bunch, and most come with 25 stems per bunch. Our flowers are shipped to us from the Holland Auction, so they are not going from the broker to a wholesaler, that enables us to offer a very fresh product, delivered by our own delivery staff, not a courier.
What about sending flowers out of the area?
Please go to the "News" page for a detailed explanation and information regarding this.